About Diana Clark, JD, MA

Watching a loved one grapple with an addictive disorder  can be terrifying, confusing and stressful. As a specialist in addiction and family systems Diana Clark offers an array of services designed to educate family members about addictive disorders and encourage healthy responses. With a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University, Diana offers a calm, compassionate and logical voice during a time of turmoil; encouraging family members to engage in behavior which promotes recovery and healthy functioning for all.

Prior to her work in addictions consulting, Diana was a practicing Labor and Employment attorney advising employers about the need for clear, compassionate and enforceable policies and the best method for their implementation.






Christopher O’Connor

Christopher O’Connor is a recovering person that is intimately aware of how substance abuse affects the family dynamic. Despite coming from a privileged background and loving family, Christopher spent many years in active addiction. During these years, Chris was a resident at numerous treatment centers and had significant legal trouble. Drawing from personal experience, Christopher helps family members understand the disease of addiction as well as how to help their loved ones best.