“Diana Clark is the true definition of the word care giver and pathfinder. She has helped me to have the strength and knowledge to find my way through this agonizing and challenging time, not allowing me to get stuck at the intersections of fear, anger, guilt, self pity, and doubt. I would not have been able to survive this journey without her consistent and always available insights and strategies, always given with compassion. Although this journey is far from over, having Diana by my side is helping me to become a better mother and person.”~ F.G. 2012

“Dealing with addiction in my family is not easy, but after spending the day with you, it has become demystified in a way that coping and healing strategies have become visible. You have a gift for delivering potentially life saving, certainly life changing information in a way that is clear, powerful, poignant

And honest….” ~ Dr. David D. 2008

“I purchased your CD several weeks back and was really impressed by the power of the narrative.  Because I was already familiar with your workshop, I knew that the message would be good – but I also have to say that you did an amazing job with the recording.  It was sincere, informative, personal and compassionate.
Week after week, I see parents come into parents  meeting shell-shocked as I was and so desperately in need of information, clinical insight and a shoulder to cry on.  As a non-clinical volunteer, I can only really offer my shoulder and my ears and hopefully point them to good clinical resources and materials.  Because addiction is a family disease, I’m amazed that very often, the only one who receives treatment are the addicts. It’s also overwhelming to see people come to the realization that they, through their loved one’s illness/behaviors have become just as sick, if not more.  The work that you are doing and the resources you offer are so desperately needed – your particular style and talent to deliver the message are among the best I’ve seen (as an unfortunate member of your target audience!)
Thank you for what you do and I sincerely hope that you continue to expand the reach of your message as much as you can with materials such as your audio CD “What Love Looks Like”. ~  D.W.2011


“Diana Clark has played a remarkable role in our family, facilitating our addressing issues that stood the excellent chance of tearing us apart in such a thoughtful, sensitive, and caring manner that we not only navigated the challenges, but all came out the better for it. She is nothing short of amazing — I have recommended her to others, and always will.” ~ P.B. 2011


“As a mother of an addicted daughter in her 20’s, Diana has been by my side and walked me through the countless dark days. She genuinely cares and is invested in my recovery. She has a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of addiction and continues to keep me on the right path with practical strategies and coping skills to help me navigate through this scary and insane journey of addiction.”  ~ T.C. 2011


“We all want our kids to be so happy-especially my generation. I never realized until I went to your seminar how much I felt responsible for making my son “happy” so he wouldn’t use. …Big mistake. It has been so freeing for me personally to let go of this.” ~R.B. 2010


“The Family Healing Strategies Workshop is a must attend for anyone going through the painful and agonizing experience of living with an addict. As parents, we learned to recognize the do’s & don’t behaviors as well as the tools needed to get our lives back to healthy. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this life-changing workshop!” ~ N.W. 2011

“In my career, Diana stands out as one of the most informative, intuitive and passionate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her approach to helping families move through their fears and address their issues in order to live their best lives is truly unique. I highly recommend Diana Clark as both a therapist and a family systems expert. Don’t miss the chance to work with her!”~  A.S. 2011