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What Love Looks Like

When your adult child struggles with addiction.

by Diana Clark, JD, MA

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A Message of Hope~

Every day I see extraordinary examples of love by ordinary parents. I see parents love when it is painful, love when they are angry. I see them loving fiercely with tears running down their cheeks. I also see them love when they are scared. I lie awake in fear too. But I also see the fruits of recovery. I see families transform into magnificent people and I get a glimpse at a larger picture. Then I question:

What if addiction isn’t a curse?

What if life in recovery isn’t a diminished life?

What if addiction is the catalyst for our children to live life with meaning, depth and humility?

Pushing through addiction and into recovery can be a unique launching pad towards an amazing functional adulthood. For those parents with fortitude, commitment and support, this journey called Recovery can be your prescription for living life with more meaning as well.

You are all in my thoughts.

Written Work

Addiction Recovery: A Family’s Journey now available on

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Written to mirror the family’s journey from fear to surrender, this book includes factual information, psychological theory and a bit of folk wisdom to aid family members on their path to healing. Familys-Journey









Professional Resources

There are many great treatment and support services available. The following are a few with whom  Diana Clark, JD,MA has developed a  professional partnership. The contacts listed are valuable resources when seeking care.

Out-Patient Treatment and Supportive Housing

Right Turn

Arlington, MA.

Turning Point Extended Care (Men)

New Haven, CT.


Case Management

O’Connor Professional Group