Family Healing Strategies:  Introduction to Addiction

Authored and facilitated by Diana Clark, this one-day workshop is designed to educate and guide attendees who have a loved one immersed in the complex world of addiction. With the aid of a power point lecture, workbooks, lecture and group exercises, participants are provided with information essential for healing. Topics include:

The effects of Addiction on Brain Functioning;

The concepts of Co-dependence

The role of Denial;

Healthy Boundaries;

Discerning the Difference between Protecting a Loved One Instead of their Addiction

The fee for attending is $100.00 per person and is held monthly in Canaan, Connecticut. In conjunction with Mountainside Treatment, , Webster Place Recovery Center, in Franklin, New Hampshire and  Right -Turn in Arlington, MA.


Family Healing Strategies II: A Three Part Intensive Exploration

This powerful series provides attendees with tools to explore Addiction through the lens of a family member. Held one Sunday per month in conjunction with Turning Point Extended Care, in New Haven Connecticut, each workshop will focus on a specific phase of family recovery, its tasks, challenges and triumphs.


Part 1: Denial To Truth

This segment is designed to educate participants about the psychological foundations of denial and encourage behavior which is consistent with the truth about addictive disorders, the course of recovery and recognize the impact of a family member’s behavior.


Part 2: Truth To Action

This segment is designed to educate participants about healthy action when a loved one struggles with an addictive disorder. The goal is for participants to understand the difference between behavior likely to lead to recovery and behavior likely to lead to further addiction.


Part 3:  Action To Acceptance and Surrender

This segment is designed to encourage an understanding about the hurdles and growth of a life in recovery. The goal of this segment is to provide participants with an understanding of the gifts of surrender, forgiveness and controlling only the controllable.

The cost of the intensive is $100.00 per session.


Family Education and Support Series

Authored and facillitated by Diana Clark, JD, MA  one Saturday each month  this series will be offered in conjunction with Hopewell Recovery Homes in Boston, MA. The address of the house is 45 Strathmore Rd, Brighton, MA.  Each three hour session includes: Power Point and Media Aids, Workbook and Facilitated Group Discussion. The subjects covered in this series are:

I. Addiction as a Disorder:
Neural Pathway Development;

Alteration of Brain Structure and Functioning;

Neural Chemical Changes;

Behavior Changes as a result of Brain Alteration;

Concept of Denial;

How Addiction Develops;

Cultural Payoffs for Addiction;

Addiction as Medication;

II. Effects of Addiction on the Family
Cycle of Dysfunction;

Protecting and Enabling;Family Denial;

The benefits of Natural Consequences;


Family Stress Responses;

Adjustment of Normal;

Changes in family member’s Brain;

Diminishment of Family Functioning;

Effects on Siblings;
III. Treatment and Recovery
Goals of Treatment and Recovery

Addressing the Dually Diagnosed;

Post Treatment Recovery;

The value and purpose of 12 Step fellowship;
IV. Boundaries
Characteristics of Healthy Boundaries;

Healthy Boundaries when a loved one is Active in Addiction;

Healthy Boundaries When Loved One is in Recovery;

Establishing and maintaining boundaries;

Resistance to Boundaries: Both internal and external;

Response to Anger;

V. Surrender

Definition of Surrender and Detachment;

Surrendering Plans, Expectations, Dreams;

Surrendering Control;

Skills for Surrender;

Gifts of Surrender;


VI. Forgiveness
Examining Resentments;

Forgiving Loved Ones;

Forgiving Self;

Forgiving Third Parties;

Supportive Recovery Environments;

The Gifts of Family Recovery

Individual Services

Individual Services:

Private Family Intensive

Our busy lives often make travel to workshops impossible. To ensure that family members get the needed information, and become part of the recovery solution, Diana offers a private workshop and assessment in the privacy of  your home.

Facilitated Family Meetings

Even after a loved one has embraced recovery, remaining family members may be left with a residue of hurt, anger and shame. To address these natural feelings, Diana offers a three hour session for families with a family action plan as an end product.

Family Coaching

Staying healthy and aiding in the recovery process can be counterintuitive. To help families navigate a time of great uncertainty and stress, Diana offers coaching for family members about co-dependency, family recovery, promoting recovery and surrender.